Straight Right
P. David Ebersole
Fri 1/12 5:55pm, Mon 1/15 5:05pm

2000, 81 min, 35mm

Caleb Johnson (screenwriter Brent Smith) is an up-and-coming boxer with a shot at a career-making title fight, but his short-fuse temper threatens to ruin him. When a young neighborhood kid shows obvious signs of being physically abused, the old ghosts of Caleb's own childhood mistreatment reawaken. When Caleb speaks at the local school where his wife is a teacher, he is confronted with yet another child who bears marks of possible abuse. His temper and his memories colliding, Caleb has no choice but to take action, and his overwhelming desire to become the rescuer he never had threatens his marriage, his career, and his future. Writer/actor Smith is intense and utterly convincing as the tortured, doomed Caleb, and award-winning director P. David Ebersole weaves a dark morality tale that explores the wide gray zone between right and wrong. Features Mary Woronov (Eating Raoul, Rock and Roll High School) in a cameo role as a psychiatrist.

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In Attendance Star/Screenwriter Brent Smith

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When The Day Breaks
Wendy Tilby and Amanda Forbis
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You finally raised the money. You're developing cancer from the constant exposure to toxic chemicals, but now you can finally film the picture! You ask the yound star of a new Fox series to play the lead.

If he says yes...

If he passes...



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Straight Right
Mon 1/15 5:05pm

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