Standing on Fishes

Meredith Scott Lynn & Bradford Tatum
Th 1/11 8:00pm
1999, 90 min, 35mm; West Coast Premiere

Making prosthetic vaginas was not quite what the talented Caleb (Bradford Tatum) had in mind when he embarked on a career as a sculptor. Nevertheless, here he is crafting an "$8000 rubber cooch" for Hollywood's most pretentious film director, Verk (Kelsey Grammer in a savagely funny cameo). His overbearing but devoted girlfriend Erica (Meredith Scott Lynn) is at a turning point of her own and is ready to abandon her going-nowhere career as an actress. The couples' colliding crises are making their already tempestuous relationship even rockier than usual—their hilariously frank pillow talk is a wonder to behold. To top off the existential confusion, Caleb's best friend, Jason (Jason Priestly) has naïve fantasies about fathering a child with a woman he's known for only two days. To make ends meet, Caleb rents his guest house to a gifted fellow sculptor named Camille (Lauren Fox, In & Out), who lives in her own strange universe in which visions received from a "moth fairy" inspire her extremely successful work, and Caleb quickly finds himself enchanted by her nutty worldview. If only real life didn't get in the way of following your bliss—that's the central dilemma of "Standing On Fishes." Struggling artists are perhaps too often the subject of struggling filmmakers, but this sharp-witted farce makes it fresh and funny once again.

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Co-directors/writers/stars Meredith Scott Lynn & Bradford Tatum & Co-star Lauren Fox

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After catching the fabulous comedy Standing on Fishes at the Galaxy Thurday the 11th, please join us for our biggest bash yet at SomArts Gallery on Bryant Street at Ninth. We've got killer DJs, special performances by Crisus, Cutting Ball Theater and Orla & the Gasmen (see Black-Eyed Dog), short film screenings, cartoons, complimentary food and drink, local and visiting filmmakers, local and visiting filmgoers, dancin', art, cool video projection, hobnobbing celebs, rock stars, talent scouts, star fuckers, lost tourists thinking they found the outlet mall looking confused and astounded until we easily convince them they have indeed landed in the best spot on earth on this particular Thursday night and here, won't you have another cocktail?

Miraculously, the screening is packed! Everyone hates the movie but loves the performance you got out of the lead kid. You get a job directing a series for Nickelodeon, and can never break out of "family"
TV. Ever. But you've got a lovely house in Malibu.




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Standing on Fishes
Th 1/11 8:00pm
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