Tues 1/16, 7:00pm
A compelling collection of short documentaries which offer lucid and moving glimpses into our experiences of place, family, and faith, from the mundane to the metaphysical and somewhere in between.

Loss Prevention
Jeanne C. Finley & Doug DuBois
2000, Video, 17 min
A revealing portrait of an elderly woman's obsession with shoplifting
and the shame of her first arrest.

Jay Rosenstein
2000, Video, 4 min
A poignant chronicle of the effects of aging on the filmmaker's mother.

My Parents Read Dreams I've Had About Them
Neil Goldberg
1998, Video, 9 min
Neil Goldberg turns the camera on his folks in this comical piece ripe for Freudian analysis.

I Wash Therefore I Am
Rob Smits & Britta Hosman
1999, Video, 10 min
A mesmerizing portrait of a pair of Hare Krishnas and their contemplations at the laundromat. Just how big are the washing machines in hell?

King of the Jews
Jay Rosenblatt
2000, 16mm, 18 min
Jay Rosenblatt's masterful use of found footage and personal narrative combine to tell the story of his childhood fear of Jesus Christ.

Jonathan Michals
1999, 16mm, 5 min
A failed acting career and a succession of lousy jobs propel the filmmaker
on a cross country trip in search of an old friend.

Confederation Park
Bill Brown
1999, 16mm, 32 min
Bill Brown's beautifully shot meditation on Canada, nationalism
and the changing North American landscape.

Eric Roberts drops out. But Harvey Keitel signs on. You find a new producer, who insists you shoot in Bulgaria. On the last day of photography, you find out that the producer hasn't paid any of the crew. Your negative is seized, and you're lucky to make it out of the country alive. You decide to do something safer, like lion taming.



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Tues 1/16, 7:00pm

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