Sun 1/14, 5:10pm
Dating, flirting, falling and plain freaking out are the focus of this program about our compulsion for companionship.

This Guy is Falling
Michael Horowitz & Gareth Smith
2000, 35mm, 11 min
Relationships are difficult enough without gravity getting in the way.

Talk To You Later
Steven Hentges
2000, 35mm, 10 min
Female neuroses goes into overdrive in this comedy about three friends, a boyfriend
and an answering machine.

The Gentleman
Sam Serafy & jonathan Spottiswoode
1999, 35mm, 18 min
A cynical Englishman and a sentimental Greek woman argue about romance.
Words soon turn to action.

Let Me tell You a Story
Marlene Rhein
1999, 35mm, 10 min
Lois describes a night of unfulfilled desires while unsolicited passion ignites
in the background.

Five Feet High and Rising
Peter Sollett
1999, 16mm, 29 min
Five Feet High and Rising is an inspired look at sexual innocence and discovery set in the distinctive world of the Lower East Side. Voted best short at the 2000 Sundance Film Festival.


His ideas make no sense to you. They come right out of a "how to write a screenplay" computer program. But, he's paying, so you put them in the script and shoot the movie. Lion's Gate acquires it; you become Flavor of the Month, spend three years in Hollywood development hell, then take the money you earned and make another indie.



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