Wed 1/17, 5:35pm
Rock stars, robots, critics and fans are the ingredients for this
melting pot of music mayhem.

Monkey vs. Robot
Nathan Pommer
1999, video, 3 min
Monkey hate technology. Robot hate the monkey.

Robert Christgau: Rock n' Roll Animal
Paul Lovelace
2000, Video, 30 min
An engaging portrait of the influential rock critic and thirty year verteran of the Village Voice.

Survival of the Illest
Michael Kennedy
2000, Video, 5 min
B-boy Kid Toast is a midwestern transplant just trying to keep it real in Brooklyn.

Dream Machine
Brett Vapnek
2000, 16mm, 13 min
Indie Rock Goddess Mary Timony (of Helium) plays Trixie, a lonely chanteuse pursued by a Japanese hipster.


Look Back, Don't Look Back
Randy Bell & Justin Rice
1999, 16mm, 30 min
Obsessed with D.A. Pennebaker's seminal documentary about Bob Dylan, two student filmmakers pick up a cameraand head to New York on a quest to meet
Dylan himself.





Miramax pays $2 million for your movie, and then spends two years re-editing it. Ultimately, they change the title and put it out directly on video. You are never heard from again, and die broke and alone.



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Let There Be...
Wed 1/17, 5:35pm

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