Rendezvous In Samarkand
Tim Bridwell
Sun 1/14 7:10pm, Tue 1/16 9:15pm

1999, 103 min, 35mm

A romp across the Sahara in an SUV takes a few unexpected turns in this powerful film by Tim Bridwell. Smuggling a 4x4 into Africa is Randall (John Littlefield), an arrogant rich American, whose relationship with his French girlfriend, Cécile (Marie Ravel), will be made or broken by the trip. Also along for the ride are a couple of mysterious Japanese hitchhikers, Yumi and Atsuko, whose drifting life hides a dark secret. Randall's own reckless mission is a secret, too (or is it? Someone seems to be following them...), and their collective emotional baggage and clashing philosophies threaten to undermine both the journey and their very survival in the unforgiving desert. Writer/director Bridwell's subject is fate, played out on the gameboard of the Sahara: do we make our own, or does the "Way of the World" determine our destiny? The film's lush cinematography and stunning soundtrack bring all of the stunning beauty and deadly bleakness of the North African desert to vivid and unforgettable life.



In Attendance Director Tim Bridwell

preceded by:

Hans Uhlig
2000, 4 min, 35mm


You meet the wife. She comes on th you. She makes it utterly clear that she won't allow her husband to give you the money unless you sleep with her.

If you sleep with her and make the movie...

If you run away screaming...



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Tue 1/16 9:15pm

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