Radio Free Steve
Jules Beesley
Sat 1/13 8:00pm, Tue 1/16 9:30pm

2000, 82 min, Video; West Coast Premiere

It's 1984, several years after WWIII, and another shitty radioactive day on the hot Texas highways. Radio Free Steve, the world's last radio pirate with the world's worst mullet, is engaged in everybody's favorite pastime—driving around in a CB-equipped van with a crossbow killing albino vampire mutants. Pursued by a black Camaro driven by FCC assassin Dirk Benedict, Steve picks up a case of beer and his cranky girlfriend Sheena and heads West across the Forbidden Zone for the promised land of New Los Angeles. A white trash cross between Road Warrior, Omega Man, Smokey And The Bandit and, oh, about a million other movies and TV shows, this mock resurrection of a lost sci-fi road movie is an hysterically funny, deeply chintzy time-trip back to all those 70's and 80's fads that we're all so fond of and would still rather forget. The whole nutty enterprise (the website,, extends the joke splendidly) is unthinkable without the wildly go-for-broke work by Ryan Junell as Steve, who quite simply gives the shitkickin'-est performance you'll ever see. Is this a home movie, or a movie about a home movie? Is it a doc? A mock-doc? a faux-mock-doc? Could someone really make up a character as forlorn and obnoxious as Steve Glenn? Whatever—just don't miss it.

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In Attendance
Writer/Director/Producer Jules Beesley, Star Ryan Junell, Producer Amy Raymond

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preceded by:

Abandon Bob Hope All Ye Who Enter Here
Kevin D.A. Kurytnik
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Working at the lab, you discover that a secret society of mole people (all former filmmakers) lives in the tunnel beneath the building.

If you decide to abandon your story and instead make a documentary on the mole people...

If you say, "screw these losers" and work triple time to raise money...



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Radio Free Steve
Tue 1/16 9:30pm

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