Tue 1/16, 7:30pm
Prepare to be shocked and amazed by this strange brew of unsettling scenarios surrounding fear, food and sex.

Things to Remember About Daumier
Matthew Konicek
1999, Video, 4 min
A frenzied tidal wave of images exploring the manipulation of vintage educational filmstrips.

Sarah Shute
2000, Video, 3 min
An amusingly uneventful tale about a parking meter and a park bench.

Spawn of the Pagan
George Kuchar
2000, Video, 20 min
George Kuchar spends time with V. Vale, creator of the Research book series, the pioneering publication of underground culture.

Pigskin Orgasm
The Pigtail Sisters
1999, Video, 3 min
A revealing exposé which uncovers the true meaning of sportsmanship.

I Like Men
Anne McGuire
2000, Video, 1 min
An animated homage to manly virtues.

Pacino's Insight

Dylan Griffin
2000, Video, 2 min
Anatomy lessons by the one and only.


Coleslaw Wrestling
Hayley Downs
1999, Video, 3 min
A no-holds-barred cultural anthropology smackdown.

Bouncing in the Corner 36DDD
Dara Greenwald
1999, Video, 3 min
A take off on Bruce Nauman's early work where everything is taken off.

Cyclone Alley Ceramics
George Kuchar
2000, Video, 13 min
Trapped in the El Reno motel off Route 66, George ponders the fate of trailer trash
in twisterville and learns an important lesson; don't mess with mother nature.

Nest of Tens

Miranda July 2000, Video, 27 min
Miranda July concocts an uneasy blend of bizarre situations involving a corporate suit,
a lecturer with debilitating phobias, and the strange behavior of babysitters.

The financier's wife and Eric Roberts hit it off while you're filming. The movie makes four times its cost between Germany and Japan alone, so you make three sequels, each worse than the last. Your feature career is over, but you create an action series for UPN.



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