North Beach
Jed Mortenson & Richard Speight Jr.
Sat 1/13 1:15pm, Tue 1/16 5:05pm, Sun 1/21 2:30pm

2000, 85 min, 16mm; West Coast Premiere

The Mission district may be called the New Bohemia these days, but San Francisco's Old Bohemia, North Beach, is still alive and well. The wide extended family portrayed in "North Beach" —broke musicians, waiters and waitresses, as well as few with no visible means of support —prowl the streets and smoky cafes, gossiping about who's sleeping with whom, all just trying to get by in the face of yuppie encroachment. Today Tyler Morgan is the hot subject of neighborhood gossip, having spent the night with a nineteen-year-old stripper from New Orleans. It seems the entire incestuous community knew about it before he even left her house, including his girlfriend Paige. "North Beach" follows Tyler's journey through his long day, fending off the lousy advice of his colorful and misguided band of alcohol and drug-fueled friends, trying to make it to his band's gig at the Lost & Found, while trying to track down and make up with Paige. Utilizing the famously picturesque neighborhood (the real main character) to maximum effect, North Beach is a joyful romp through the lives and libations of a lost generation.

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In Attendance Co-directors Jed Mortenson & Richard Speight Jr. & Cast Members

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Jack Rene Perkins
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He remembers her, and agrees to see her. They have sex for two days straight, and he even promises to read your script. But he never does. Sorry! Start over.



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North Beach
Sun 1/21 2:30pm
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