Maria Geise
Sun 1/14 8:20pm, Wed 1/17 6:10pm

2000, 101 min, Video, World Premiere

Based on Nobel laureate Knut Hamsun's 1890 existentialist masterpiece, this "Hunger" replaces turn-of-the-century Oslo with millennial Los Angeles with striking aptness. Charlie Pontus (Joseph Culp) is an out-of-work screenwriter (is there any other kind?). Evicted from his hotel room, penniless Pontus wanders the streets of LA, alternately exhorting and condemning God and Man, while scribbling screen treatments on yellow legal pads and trying to sell his few tattered possessions for food money. Poor Pontus, though, is cursed with an almost saint-like selflessness which compels him to put his fellow homeless travellers before himself, further dooming him to starvation and the twisted clarity hunger brings. Pontus' newest treatment catches the eye of a studio chief (a furious cameo by Joseph's father Robert Culp), and he struggles to crank out the script while battered by celestial visions and his longing for a beautiful streetwalker. Joseph Culp's exquisitely naked performance and writer/director Giese's ragged, guerilla-video style add immeasurably to the bracing austerity of the film, charging it with all the primitive beauty of an ancient Russian icon painting. It's a powerful, compassionate and astringently funny view of street-level life and an artist's struggle that lingers long after itıs over.

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In Attendance Writer/Director/Producer Maria Giese & Actor/Producer Joseph Culp

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He doesn't remember her, but he likes the sound of her voice and the idea of the script, so he reads it and calls you instantly. He loves it, and knows a Turkish guy with money—but the guy's wife has to be the female lead.

If you insist on meeting her first...

If you say, "Sure!"...



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Wed 1/17 6:10pm

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