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Peter Hyoguchi
Fri 1/12 5:50pm, Mon 1/15 6:30pm

2000, 92 min, Video

The promised land of California isn't all it's cracked up to be. The trials of Christine, a high-strung single mother, hoping for a new life in Santa Barbara with her daughter, Tessa, are vividly brought to the screen with a cinema verité style by director Peter Hyoguchi's probing use of video. Working a minimum wage grocery store job, dumped by a layabout boyfriend, and thrown out of their apartment, the two are soon living out of their car. Meanwhile, Tessa, mortified by her homelessness, weaves a web of high-living lies about her wealthy family to impress her new school friends. As Tessa's lies begin to self-destruct, Christine is driven to her wit's end just trying to find a place to live and feed her daughter. Her hard-luck circumstances finally lead Christine to perform a no-turning-back act of desperation. Sara Wilcox and Jessica White are superb as the resilient but unravelling mother and daughter. The intimacy of their bond is profoundly touching, making this "issue" film a very personal experience.

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In Attendance Director Peter Hyoguchi & Producer Duffy Hecht

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