Th 1/18, 7:15pm
This collection of outstanding and critically acclaimed films examine the many ways we adjust to the circumstances of our daily lives.

Ice Fishing
Alex Kondracke
1999, 16mm, 11 min
Alex Kondracke's moving portrait of a 12-year-old boy searching for a father figure.

Jodi Gibson
2000, 16mm, 19 min
A pivotal day in the life of a breast cancer survivor who finds more than she
bargained for on a trip to Atlantic City


New York is Disappearing
Heiko Kalmbach
2000, 16mm, 11 min
This hilarious gem finds two eccentrics hiding out in their cluttered apartment
while the Lower East Side gentrifies.

Every Day Here
Frazer Bradshaw
2000, 35mm, 11 min
After a bitter argument, a mother and her teenaged son each have a moment of quiet contemplation in Frazer Bradshaw's affecting portrayal of a fragile relationship.

Jeff Orgill
1999, 35mm, 13 min
Jeff Orgill's lushly photographed film features a family divided by tragedy until the
mother's persistent efforts bring them back together.

Big Canyon
David Agosto
2000, 35mm, 15 min
The rules of the road for two young lovers: always keep moving, always move fast, and always think of the worst case scenario.

Your parents once told you they'd help you buy a house; you try to convince them to give you that money now—to make a movie— instead.

If they say yes...

If they say no...


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Every Day Here
Th 1/18, 7:15pm

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