East Of A
Amy Goldstein
Sat 1/13 7:55pm, Th 1/18 5:05pm, Sun 1/21 6:50pm

1999, 87 min, 35mm

From 1985, the year of New Coke, to 1995, the year of OJ's acquittal, three sharp-tongued East Village housemates are locked into uneasy cohabitation in a coveted New York rent-controlled loft. "East of A" drops in on the three one day a year for that turbulent decade—Peter Parker (whose friends call him Spidey, of course) a seminary school dropout, Reggie, an Edith Piaf wanna-be, and Chart, making a brisk living through the sale (not to mention over-use) of drugs. From cocaine addictions to gym addictions, from pot to Prozac, our disfunctional trio and their perpetually under-furnished home play host to a terrific cast of just-passing-through boy-and-girlfriends (Camryn Manheim, David Alan Grier and Adam Arkin to name a few). Careening through career success and failure, the joys and pitfalls of love, the constant specter of AIDS and, finally, a semblance of real family, it's an hilarious and bittersweet paean to the ebb and flow of friendship and long-term leases.

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In Attendance
Director Amy Goldstein, Co-writers/stars Scott Kraft & Nadine van der Velde

preceded by:

Don Hertzfeldt
2000, 9 min, 35mm

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Damn! Well, you've got to figure out another way to make the movie. You know a little about film, but basically have no real skills, and you need money quickly. What to do?

If you become a prostitute...

If you get a job in a film lab...



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East of A
Th 1/18 5:05pm

East of A
Sun 1/21 6:50pm

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