Dropping Out
Mark Osborne
Fri 1/12 8:05pm, Wed 1/17 9:45pm, Sat 1/20 9:30pm

2000, 109 min, 35mm

Emile is the happiest depressive you've ever met. He approaches his suicide like he approaches everything—with a chipper smile and an "isn't life amusing?" shrug. But darn it if a job offer doesn't come along and give him something to live for. At least, until he's suicidal again, and asks his graveyard-shift colleague, Henry (portrait of a serial slacker), for a little help on his Final Act. But a funny thing happens on the way to oblivion... Insidiously strange and explosively hilarious, with a disposition that swerves from sunny to pitch black and back again (Emile's first suicide attempt will either send you running for the exit or laughing until you bleed), "Dropping Out" serves up more forehead-slapping, "what the...?" moments of any movie since "Being John Malkovich." This first feature by Mark Osborne (winner of the SF IndieFest Audience Award for best short last year with his animated film MORE) is a loony and utterly original plunge into a world consumed by consumerism—a world just like ours, only much, much weirder. Or is it?

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In Attendance Director Marc Osborne

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It's not much money, but you realize that if you shoot DV, you can actually make the whole movie! You round up friends, and cast it with unknowns, but put in all your heart and soul. You send it off to festivals.

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Dropping Out
Wed 1/17 9:45pm

Dropping Out
Sat 1/20 9:30pm

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