Down Time
Sean Wilson
Sun 1/14 6:10pm, Th 1/18 8:30pm, Sat 1/20 3:00pm

2000, 90 min, 16mm projected on Video, World Premiere

This unvarnished look at life in prison is a raw glimpse into a man-made purgatory that is equal parts hell and ennui, where basic survival is as important as passing time. The story is based upon local writer/director Sean Wilson's own experiences, including his struggle with addiction and his own incarceration on federal drug charges. Sent to prison after a deadly shoot-out in a drug deal gone rotten, the film's protagonist, Slim (William van Noland), must confront years of terror, loneliness, and boredom as he lives out his sentence, just as Wilson did while serving his own time. Shot mostly on location inside Bay Area prisons such as San Quentin, the film features dozens of ex-cons and cops as actors and extras. That, along with Wilson's unflinching eye, lends the film a hard documentary edge, and his insider's knowledge of prison life gives "Down Time" a remarkable and gritty authenticity.

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2000, 5 min, 35mm projected on Video


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Down Time
Th 1/18 8:30pm

Down Time
Sat 1/20 3:00pm

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