Dog Story
Jian Hong Kuo
Sun 1/14 9:30pm, Fri 1/19 7:10pm

2000, 82 min, 16mm

"It's gonna be a fucked up day." No kidding. Roy (screenwriter Adam Golomb), a very down-on-his-luck, trailer-park-dwelling ex-cop, has made one too many bad bets and big mistakes, and he's tired of paying up. In debt up to his neck to a local crime boss, his marriage to fed-up Marty (Maria Cina) on the verge of disintegration, all he has to do to fix his run-down life is to pick up a bag and deliver it. But Roy's simple errand runs headlong into a small-town conspiracy, an assortment of vicious thugs, an unexpected double-cross or two—not to mention a scruffy little dog. So, in that time-honored noir tradition, Roy and Marty impulsively decide to make one last lunge at the big score. Jian Hong Kuo's tightly-wound thriller takes place all in one long and intense day, and trades the usual dark urban grit for the sun-baked wide open spaces of the rural West, keeping you guessing all the way.

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In Attendance Screen Writer/star Adam Golumb

preceded by:

The Hangnail
Shane Acker
1999, 2min, 16mm


Incredibly, amazingly, you get into Sundance. The screening goes great, and you exit the theatre to find that Miramax wants to buy it!

If you sell it to them...

If you don't sell it to them...



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Dog Story
Fri 1/19 7:10pm

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