Citizen James
Doug E Doug

Sat 1/13 3:30pm, Sat 1/20 7:25pm

1999, 35mm, 76 min

COSBY alum Doug E. Doug writes, directs and stars in this infectious and all-out hilarious comedy about a young filmmaker's unlikely quest to film "The Angela Davis Story" on Super-8 in his Brooklyn neighborhood. Spurred on by a brief encounter with a Spike Lee surrogate and discovery of a wad of cash, James (Doug), enlists the help of two friends who know even less about filmmaking than he does. Full of witty twists and self-referential excess, CITIZEN JAMES turns the 'hood film genre back on itself, with funny, touching and uplifting results.

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In Attendance Director Doug E Doug

preceded by:

Patrick Smith
2000, 5 min, 35mm projected on Video


Luckily, your sister's college roommate briefly dated Eric Roberts, but it was back when he was drinking, so he may not remember her. But she promises to give him the script.

If he doesn't remember her...

If she succeeds...



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Citizen James
Sat 1/20 7:25pm

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