Black and Gold
Rick Rowley & Jacquie Soohen
Fri 1/12 4:00pm, Sat 1/13 6:00pm, Sun 1/21 4:40pm

1999, 74 min, Video

The Latin Kings were once the most feared of New York's street gangs, as well as the most prosecuted. In 1994, the Kings realized that the collective strength of the city's Latino youth could be put to use as a powerful force for positive change, and they transformed into the Almighty Latin King and Queen Nation. In the tradition of ethnic protest groups like the Black Panthers and the Young Lords, the Kings became a movement to be reckoned with, as they put aside drugs, guns, and violence to heal their community through activism and education. Yet like other militant political groups, the Kings have been relentlessly hounded by police and government agencies, who not only believe the Kings incapable of change, but seem to deeply fear that the Kings represent a real threat to their status quo. This powerful documentary lets the Kings speak for themselves about their mission, and features a gutsy soundtrack of their own brand of political hip-hop.

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preceded by:

Deus ex Machina
Michael Sargent
1999, 3 min, Projected on Video.



You're torn between two script ideas: a personal story, based on an important experience from your own childhood, or an ultraviolent, high-concept thriller that came to you in a dream.

If you decide on the personal project...

If the ultraviolent...


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Black and Gold
Sun 1/21 4:40pm

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