Black-Eyed Dog
Richard O'Connell
Sun 1/14 1:00pm, Wed 1/17 7:30pm

1999, 89 min, 35mm

The Commitments meets The Godfather in this shadowy tale of struggling musicians and overdue debts within the San Francisco Irish immigrant community. Paul Maguire (Paul Barnett) will do just about anything to assure the success of his talented band, Black-Eyed Dog the local band Orla & The Gasmen. His ruthless brother, Gerry, a local gangster, calls in an old debt just when the band is on the verge of success and in need of cash to record a new demo. Flat broke after an exciting but financially disastrous six-week tour, with the band's personal and romantic conflicts threatening to split them apart, Paul cannot pay back his implacable brother. As crime bosses are wont to do, Gerry demands a little favor to clear Paul's record, a deadly task that recalls a favor Paul did for Gerry 20 years before, which has tainted his fate forever. This intense slice of Irish noir is packed with the lively and melancholy music of local artist Patrick Francis.

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In Attendance Director Richard O'Connell, Producer Mikel O'Reardon,
Local Band Orla & The Gasmen & Cast Members

preceded by:

Nina Paley
2000, 3 min, 35mm


Your parents once told you they'd help you buy a house; you try to convince them to give you that money now—to make a movie—instead.

If they say yes...

If they say no...



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Black-Eyed Dog
Wed 1/17 7:30pm

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