900 Women

Laleh Khadivi
Sun 1/14 3:00pm Sat 1/20 5:15pm

2000, 73 min, 16mm

Women are the fastest growing prison population in America. Filmed over 9 months at the Louisiana Correctional Institute for Women, 900 WOMEN gives a face and voice to the grandmothers, the mothers, the lifers, and the death row inmates that live there. Located in the swamplands of southern Louisiana, LCIW was built in 1977 to house the growing population of female convicts at Angola. Today, under the eye of the same warden, the prison frequently exceeds its 900-person capacity. A minimum, medium, maximum and death row facility, the women here have committed crimes ranging from forgery to multiple counts of murder. 75% of the women are mothers and one fourth of them are serving sentences longer than 15 years. The prison has a somewhat surreal and peaceful quality, but the deceptively peaceful atmosphere is home to innumerable stories of imprisonment, frustration, hatred and hope. A variety of women inmates share their stories and experiences of life on the streets, abuse, incarceration, freedom, childbirth and motherhood.

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In Attendance Director Laleh Khadiv

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In the end, you never make a movie. But your brother starts an Internet business and asks you to run the marketing department. It takes off and you both get filthy rich. You marry happily, have two great kids, and live a long, healthy life.


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900 Women
Sat 1/20 5:15pm

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