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This Space Between Us

Thursday Jan 6@ 8:30pm
Victoria Theater

*Opening Night Film and Party

Matthew Leutwyler
(1999, 35mm, 103 min)

Alex Harty has hit the skids. Following his young wife's death, the extended grief and a stalled career cause him to finally blow a fuse. After attacking a movie producer (Gary Marshall) with a pen, Alex (Jeremy Sisto) decides to hit the road for home. Leaving L. A., he arrives in San Francisco with a convertible Dodge, a tape of his beloved's last telephone messages, and the need to start over. Homecoming leads him to reunite with an unusual cast of freaks and familiarities including a stalker/photographer (Alex Kingston), a wedding singer turned performance artist (Taylor Negron), and a flashy Frisco politico (Vincent Ventresca). Other notable performances in this surprisingly fresh dramedy come from local rockers Low Hum Satellite and cameos by Verve Pipe and Cracker. With a sexy, freewheeling spirit, Bay Area native Matthew Leutwyler's film gracefully moves from comedy to drama and back again, bringing new life to the now-familiar alienated-filmmaker genre. The well integrated use of local musicians and Bay Area locals often overlooked in "San Francisco" movies adds to the film's easy flow and surprising twists. --Kathleen P. Skillicorn

In Attendance
director Matt Leutwyler
and cast members

Contact Matthew Leutwyler,
Slinging Star, 3875 Wilshire Blvd.,
Suite 210,
Los Angeles, CA 90010



1999 Academy Award Winner Bunny
Chris Wedge
(1998, 35mm, 7:15 min)

Contact Hanne Winarsky, Blue Sky Studios, 1 South Road, Harrison, NY 10528 query@blueskystudios.com



*Opening Night Party at Foreign Cinema, 2534 Mission Street at 21st. Tunes provided by Didje Kelli (of LISTEN at Club Six), refreshments courtesy of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company and Foreign Cinema.