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Shucking the Curve

Friday Jan 7 @3:20pm Lumiere
(second showing Wednesday
Jan 12 @7:15pm Lumiere

Todd Verow
(1998, video, 90 min)

A frantic trip through the Lower East Side underworld and the hipsters, drug addicts, club kids, and drag queens who inhabit it, SHUCKING THE CURVE is the most dizzying work yet by Todd Verow, digital video's new enfant terrible. Cinematographer for Gregg Araki and Jon Moritsuga, Verow (FRISK, A LITTLE SHOT OF HAPPINESS) is emerging as the DIY master of the digital medium, combining an improvisational free-form shooting technique with a warped Warhol/Fassbinder aesthetic culled from and for the hovels of the avant-garde. Small-town girl Suzanne moves to the city and quickly embarks on a magical mystery tour filled with speed freaks, bisexual gigolos, earth mothers, suitcase thieves and performance artists, each living in their own slightly-addled wonderlands while always, always searching for a decent apartment. Patched together with a soundtrack of Japanese pop and ambient electronica, SHUCKING THE CURVE embodies the freedom of the new digital revolution. --Jason Sanders

In Attendance director Todd Verow, writer/producer Jim Dryer, cast members Philly, Leanne Whitney, Bill Dwyer, Bonnie Dickenson

Contact Todd Verow,
Bangor Films, 111 Hillside St #3, Boston, MA 02120 todd@bangorfilms.com 617.734.1188






The Old Man and The Goblins
Mark Caballero and Seamus Walsh
(1997, video, 4:30 min)
Contact Mark Caballero, 10756 Sarah St., North Hollywood, CA 91602 shuck@bangorfilms.com 818.980.9020