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Rock Opera

Saturday Jan 8@5:35pm, Lumiere
(second showing Monday Jan 10
@ 5:15pm, Lumiere )

Bob Ray
(1999, 16mm, 90 min, projected from video)
sponsored by Tower Records

The funniest celebration of unrepentant drug ingestion since Cheech & Chongıs UP IN SMOKE, ROCK OPERA has "cult hit" scribbled all over it. Set in the grungy Austin, Texas music scene, it follows the fortunes of feckless Toe, who's determined to take his band PigPoke on tour, and will fuck over anyone he knows to finance it. The nominal plot has Toe stealing his favorite drug dealer's business, hoping to make a quick fortune. But forget the "plot"--itıs the hilariously raunchy, rip-snortin' portrait of "band houses" with a bong in every bedroom, the tortures of backwater bar tours, and the joys of animal tranquilizers that make this one of the year's great finds. And donıt worry--no actual opera sullies the soundtrack, though you will hear plenty of Austin-flavored gut bucket rock from the likes of Witchbanger ("no ma'am, we're not Satanic"), Fuckemos, PigPoke, and Nashville Pussy. It's low-budget, fuck-it-all filmmaking at its best. --Tod Booth

In Attendance
director Bob Ray and lead actor Jerry Don Clark


Contact Bob Ray, CrashCam Productions, 2524 Baxter Dr., Austin, TX 78745 crashcam@texas.net 512.916.9682






The Egg
Linda Kudzmas
(1999, 1 min, video)

Contact Linda Kudzmas, Fried Egg, 1003 Browning Place, Warminster, PA 18974 friedegg@voicenet.com 215.672.9112