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Saturday Jan 8@3:25pm Lumiere (second showing
Thursday Jan13@ 9:45pm at the Fine Arts)

Suki Hawley and Michael Galinksy
(1999, 35mm, 90 min)
sponsored by Tower Records

Unai has been a concert promoter since he was 15 years old. Now it's years later, and Unai is still on the road, promoting bands in and around Madrid, selling speed to make ends meet, snorting speed to make things worse, and pretty sick of the whole scene. In debt to his family and his dealer, shamelessly using and abusing his friends, hešs spiraling out of control. He gets a bit of the old magic back when he meets Mary, an American poetry slammer who he thinks has star potential. But Unai may be too addicted to his reckless lifestyle for even the dazzling Mary to turn it around. Fresh from the 1999 Sundance Film Festival, RADIATION is an evocative, hard-edged look at the grind of small time concert touring (with appearances by such bands as Come, Stereolab, and Will Oldham), blessed with terrific performances, a razor-sharp script, and a captivating Spanish backdrop.
--Tod Booth

In Attendance codirectors/producers Suki Hawley and Michael Galinksy

Contact Radiation Pictures,
164 Hall St. Brooklyn, NY 11205 halfcook@aol.com 418.636.0949





Mark Osborne
(1998, 35mm, 6 min)

Contact Mark Osborne,
Bad Clams Productions,
3089 Knob Dr.,
Los Angeles, CA 90065 clamsyes@aol.com 323.225.2677