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Thursday Jan 13 @9:35pm
Lumiere San Francisco Closing Night Film and Party*

Friday Jan 14 @ 9:30pm at the Fine Arts
Berkley Closing Night Film and Party*

(1999, 35mm, 103 min)

Ash's cinematic manifesto responding to the increasingly familiar phenomena of teen and pre-teen gun violence premiered 48 hours before the Littleton, Colorado high school massacre in the summer of 1998, an eerie testament to the timeliness of its content. Twelve year old Stevie (Cameron Van Hoy) suffers from asthma and urban overload. After finding Mom's gun one morning before school, he embarks on an explosive, desperate journey reminiscent of "Dog Day Afternoon." With girlfriend Rocky (Mischa Barton) in tow, he initiates an irreversible course of events, impulsively robbing a bank and placing himself and girlpup Rocky in the midst of a hostage situation. Armed with movie-inspired emotional reflexes, Stevie rages as hostage negotiator Daniel Bender (Burt Reynolds) attempts to contain the eruption. Written in four weeks and filmed on-location in Chatsworth, California in 16 days, this shotgun movie includes homegrown footage generously donated by Cameronšs mother and also stars rookie actor Adam Farrar (aka Leo Dicaprio's brother). With PUPS, Ash delivers a suspenseful, disturbing movie full of surprises, twists, and turns.
--Kathleen P. Skillicorn

In Attendance Director Ash, producer Daniel Berger and cast members

Contact Daniel Berger, Fireheart Films, 756 1/2 Croft Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90069 adarodda@aol.com 323.653.2610






Daniel Robichaud
(1998, 35mm, 5:20 min)

contact Daniel Robichaud, Digital Domain, 300 Rosa Ave, Venice, CA 90291 sunnybrk@d2.com 310.314.2990



*SF Closing night party at Bohemia,
1624 California Street at
Van Ness. Tunes by Mister Mambo, complimentary Sierra with ticket stub.

*Berkeley closing night party at Thalassa, 2367 Shattuck Ave, 2 blocks from Fine Arts Cinema. Complimentary Sierra with ticket stub.