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Night Orchid

Friday Jan 7@5:25pm, Lumiere (second showing Monday Jan 10
@ 7:15pm, Lumiere

Mark Atkins
(1998, 35mm, 106 min)
sponsored by Cineric Inc.


"Places talk to me...I can see their memories,"says Clay, the wandering hero of this atmospheric Southern Gothic tale. Settling into a small Florida town, he uncovers a tangled web of questions, ghosts and lies, all connected to a beautiful young woman who lives alone within an abandoned plantation. Part of the same "Florida 5" collective as the directors of BLAIR WITCH PROJECT, Mark Atkins uses a regional storytelling aesthetic connected more to Flannery O'Connor than Quentin Tarantino, one which favors the construction of mood over mere cinematic pyrotechnics. Creating a languorous landscape of eerie orange groves and dilapidated mansions still haunted with the ghosts and memories of a time forgotten, NIGHT ORCHID draws its distinctive, haunting power not only from its painterly cinematography and well-paced direction, but also from its revisitation of the rich traditions of American gothic storytelling, where dreams and nightmares will always thrive. --Jason Sanders

In Attendance director Mark Atkins, cast members Dale Paris, Thomas Atkins, Mary Ellen O'Brien

Contact Mark Atkins, Way Down East Productions, 15941 Annie Drive, Grass Valley, CA 95949 mark@nightorchid.com 530.477.1618




Ghost of Stephen Foster

Matthew Nastuk and Raymond Persi
(1999m 35mm, 3min)

Matthew Nastuk and Raymond Persi 1126 Raleigh St, Glendale, Ca 91205 ffpht@yahoo.com