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Lucinda's Spell

Friday Jan 7@ 10:15pm Lumiere*
(second showing on Wednesday
Jan 12 @9:35pm Fine Arts )

Jon Jacobs
(1999. 35mm, 103 min)
sponsored by Dema

Enigmatic and regal, decadent and mystical, direct descendant of Merlin the Great Druid, the present carrier of the Pure and Magical bloodline, First Horn, a.k.a Jason, has come to New Orleans for the time of the Great Coupling. His partner is to be the witch who can cast the most powerful spell, and as the magical night draws nearer, the witches confer and prepare. New Orleans's benevolent prostitute and practicing sex-healer, Lucinda Bale is also on a mission--to find a spell that will annul the restraining order that is preventing her from seeing her only son. As the stories of our two heroes intertwine, the temperature heats up in the dark and sultry city of New Orleans. It seems that sex might just be magic, after all. Taking the equations of gender politics to their natural conclusion, writer/director/actor Jon Jacobs brews a potent mix of visual sauciness and jagged edginess. And yes, Merlin speaks Scottish. --Marlene Friis

In Attendance
director/star Jon Jacobs

Contact Jon Jacobs, Golden Shadow Pictures, 468 N. Camden Dr. suite 300 Beverly Hills, CA 90216 www.sexismagic.com 310.285.1797




Ann Marie Fleming
(1998, 35mm, 5 min)

Contact Ann Marie Fleming, AMF Productions, 2228 W. Walton #2, Chicago, IL 60622 amf@fetching.com 773.395.8074



*After Party at Jezebels Joint,
510 Larkin at Turk.
2 for 1 drinks with ticket stub!