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Love Machine

Sunday Jan 9 5:30pm Lumiere (second showing Thursday,
Jan 13 @5:05pm Lumiere)

Gordon Erikson
(1999, 16mm, 83 min)
sponsored by Cineric Inc.

Becca is a no-budget New York filmmaker with a mission: stitch together a documentary that delves into the private lives and cyberfantasies of subjects whose fates converge on a frisky, unauthorized university webpage. Created by the cynical Marcus B. as a prank, the steamy URL becomes the launch site for an amusingly mercenary crusade for the truth. Among the exposed are a closeted gay Japanese student and his unsuspecting fiancee, a predatory professor with a habit of posting nudie shots of student conquests online, a forty-something divorcee who cyberdiddles a teenage duo named Tom and Jerry, and the gutsy Japanese exotic dancer Shino who calls every bluff with a cheesecake smile. An affectionate, funny, and often nasty look at alter egos and alternative sexuality, Love Machine asks all the right questions about sex, lies, and the internet. --Kara Knafelc

Contact Gordon Erikson, Olympia Pictures, 149 Sterling Place #4, Brooklyn NY 11217 gordon@olympiapictures.com 718.622.5910









Mister Smile
Fran Krause
(1999, 35mm, 8 min)

Contact Fran Krause,
866 Carroll St., Brooklyn,
NY 11215 frankrause@hotmail.com 212.654.6877