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Sunday Jan 9@ 3:20pm Lumiere

Katie Tallo
(1999, video, 94 min)

Hash-slinging sasspots rule in this tribute to the often overlooked art of fuck you waitressing. Syd, a career waitress and starving actress, is having a rough day at work. Plagued by an obsessive-compulsive admirer, picked-up (and then stiffed) by an L.A. producer, and privy to the woes of a best friend whose husband is doing the dog groomer, Sydıs life is a little slice of hospitality hell. But in this comedy of really bad manners, she and the other gals tell both nasty customers and macho short order cooks where they can put it. Written and directed by Canadian Katie Tallo and produced by Barbara Jordan, JUICED exposes the pink collar ghetto of waitressing in all its minimum wage glory. A comic rage against the oppression and hypocrisy of the hospitality industry, its message is served up hot and greasy. --Kara Knafelc

In Attendance
director Katie Tallo and producer Barbara Jordan

Barbara Jordon,
Bark Productions,
173 Bayswater Street,
Ottawa, ON K1Y 2G4 babs@barkinc.com
Katie Tallo, ktallo@istar.ca









The Missing Dentures
US Premier
Dave Pool
(1999, 1:40 min, video)

Contact Dave Poole, Computer Putty, 1328 1/2 N. Formosa Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90046