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Gypsy Boys

Saturday Jan 8@ 1:00pm Lumiere (second showing
Tuesday Jan 11@ 9:15pm Lumiere) **

Brian Shep
(1999, 35mm, 103 min)
sponsored by Bagdad Cafe

Steven is in love with Blair. But Blair just fell in lust with Seth. Who just broke up with David. Whom they met through Steven's friend Manny, a poor sot caught in a frustratingly celibate relationship with Aaron. Who is married to Noel, a visitor from out of town. In this wittily observed insideršs journey through the heartbreak and hope of Camp San Francisco, a diverse group of gay boys cruises, bitches, and desperately tries to fall in love for the night and for the long haul. Banding together to create a place of their own, these strays and outsiders navigate the swirl of the gay bar and club scene while searching for the ever elusive knight in shining armor. Shot on-location with a local cast and crew, director Brian Shepp's honest look at life, love, intimacy, and the scene is a friendly romp through familiar territory.
--Kara Knafelc

In Attendance writer/director Brian Shep and Cast Members

Contact Brian Shepp, Another B.S. Production, 1437-A Chinook Ct., San Francisco, CA 94130 brian@anotherbs.com 415.346.5200






Baby Bungee

Mark Simon
(1999, 1 min, video)

Contact Mark Simon, Aargh! Animation, 8137 Lake Crowell Circle, Orlando, FL 32836 mark@storyboards-east.com 407.370.3190



*After Party at Asia SF on
Sat Jan 8. Details at the screening.