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The Gods of Times Square

Friday Jan 7@ 1:15pm Lumiere
(second showing Wednesday
Jan 12 @9:20pm Lumiere)

Richard Sandler
( 1999, video, 91 min)

Shouting, mumbling, or merely raving, the multiple blessed, repressed, and possessed street preachers of Times Square were as New York as the Yankees or subway muggings. Filmed from 1993-1998, Richard Sandler's documentary captures not only a way of New York life in all its wondrous, stunning chaos, but also its slow, strangled transformation into a Giuliani-sponsored sanitized hell of chain stores, corporate malls and Disney parades. Wandering the streets with his hand-held camera and microphone, Sandler interviews Christian fundamentalists, Muslim fundamentalists, militant white Jews, militant black Jews, those who preach holy war, those who preach good orgasms, and those who just "dig Lucifer's kinkiness, so let's go see some girls, man." Homeless visionaries, panhandling philosophers, Jimi Hendrix impersonators, porno addicts, impromptu "exorcisms of the Anti-Christ, Mickey Mouse" and prognostications of Jesus' eventual return with ła triple platinum grunge album"-- here are all the gods anyone could want, and possibly even more. --Jason Sanders

In Attendance
director Richard Sandler,
editor Dan Brown

Contact Richard Sandler, Scorpio Dogs productions, 251E 10th St, New York, NY 10009 ohstop@bway.net 212.777.7138







Matt Hall

(1999, 35mm, 3 min,
projected from video)

Contact Siri Margerin,
3001 19th Street,
San Francisco, CA 94110