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Saturday Jan 8@ 10:00pm Lumiere* (second showing
Wednesday Jan 12 @ 5:15pm Lumiere )

Coke Sams
(1998, 35mm, 94min)
sponsored by Lost Weekend Videos

The future: Jesse Helms and Bob Dornan are revered as gods, morality is state-mandated, and creativity is repressed. And a rag tag band of art revolutionaries, led by performance artist Existo, wage a guerrilla war for perversity, expression, drugs, and the American Way. Existo (Bruce Arntson): performer, entertainer, propagandist, "most dangerous man in America,"and the chosen one who can lead his people to the promised land of chaos and revolution--with his face in the soup and a song in his heart. Revolutionary headquarters: "The Sewer"--an undergound nightclub. Existo's apostles are artists, queers, club kids, and leftists--the disenfranchised, the eccentric, and the truly insane. Their weapon against repression: Art. Existo's nemesis: Dr. Armand Glasscock (Mike Montgomery), his rise to supreme power through televangelism brings ever closer the elimination of America's "art menace." His only stumbling block is Existo--whose perverse sense of rhythm, politics, and performance art have engaged a growing segment of the population. The good doctor's conclusion: Existo must be stopped. EXISTO: A subversive musical comedy about love, art, and anarchy.
--Kathleen P. Skillicorn

In Attendance director Coke Sams, producer Clark Gallivan, co-writer/composer/star Bruce Arnston

Contact Clarke Gallivan, Hometown productions, 4610 Charlotte Ave., Nashville, TN 37209 justclarke@earthlink.net 615.298.5818 ext 139






Kevin Souls

(1999, 35mm, 3:40 min)

Contact Kevin Souls, USC,
438 1/2 Borth Curson Ave.,
Los Angeles, CA 90036 souls1@mindspring.com 323.653.0431


*After Party at Edinburgh Castle 950 Geary St at Polk. Come have a drink with the Existo cast and crew!