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Dill Scallion

Friday Jan 7@ 7:55pm Lumiere
(second showing Friday Jan 14 @7:15pm at the Fine Arts)

Jordan Brady
(1999, 35mm, 91 min)
sponsored by Tower Records

Featuring the appetizing Dill Scallion and his talented band The Dillionaires, this Spinal Tap of country music takes our humble hero from the honesty of his sleepy country town to the roller coaster of unadulterated fame. As the kids take off for the summer, school bus driver Dill Scallion takes a shot at a country music contest that will pave the way to the heart of it all, Nashville. Even though he does not win on this occasion, Dill is invited by one of the judges to record a jingle for The Waffle Barn. During a live recording at a local bar just outside the studio, Dill accidentally hurts his foot, which prompts him to unwittingly become the progenitor of a phenomenal craze dubbed "The Scallion Shuffle." Soon, the fame is his, as the Dillionaires perform at gigantic country music fests and mingle with the best in country. But just how long can a band with a gimmick survive? Capturing guerrilla footage of Dill Scallion at the Countryfest in front of 500,000 beguiled fans is truly amazing, and a tribute to independent filmmaking. A Slamdance favorite, this mockumentary will have you laughing, humming and envying those sassy country shirts.
--Marlene Friis

Contact Cary Brothers, 8455 Beverly Blvd #401, Los Angeles, CA 90048 dill@ix.netcom.com 323.451.7111





Billy's Balloon

Don Hertzfeldt
(1998, 35mm, 5:30 min)

Contact Don Hertzfeldt,
Bitter Films, 310 Mathilda Dr #10, Goleta, CA 93117 nightmonkey@prodigy.net 805.968.7371