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Monday Jan 10 @9:30pm, Lumiere
(second showing Thursday,
Jan13@ 7:00pm Lumiere )

Andy Anderson
(1998, 35mm, 120min)

Possibly inspired by the fevered genre reworkings of the Coen Brothers and John Dahl, DETENTION takes the standardized framework of classroom-under-siege films and blows it towards a warped, jaw-droppingly lurid stratosphere. Ex-circus hand Bill Walmsley thinks his luck has changed when he is offered a high-school substitute teaching job, but his expectations are shattered when he discovers a school filled with knife fights, rapes, unruly youth, lazy teachers, and spineless administrators. Unable to make a difference, Walmsley hits upon a rather original approach to discipline and punishment, one involving drugging, kidnapping, a Texas mountain hideaway, several wired cages, forced nudity, impromptu state capitol quizzes, electric shocks to the hands, and, most memorably, Toni Basil's song "Mickey" played on circus loudspeakers over, and over, and over again. Unveiling the secret fascist heart of popular genre conventions and manipulations, DETENTION is a midnight film with one bizarre, controversial lesson.
--Jason Sanders

In Attendance
director Andy Anderson

Contact JR Roberts, Anderson Film Inc., 2317 Stratford Ct, Fortworth TX 76103 detention@9zone.net 817.531.1476