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Amerikan Passport

Sunday Jan 9 @7:35pm Lumiere
(second showing on Wednesday
Jan 12@7:30pm at the Fine Arts)

Reed Paget
(1999, 16mm, 84 min)
sponsored by SF Bay Guardian

Winner of the Best Documentary at Slamdance '99, AMERIKAN PASSPORT records the riveting shoestring travel odyssey of 23-year-old Seattle native Reed Paget, who sets out to visit the seven wonders of the world but instead found himself capturing the images of twelve war zones. Stops on Pagetıs 10-year tour of revolutions and bullet fests include Tiananmen Square's student revolt (Paget continues filming while standing in the blood of slaughtered protesters), a civil uprising in South Africa, the fall of the Berlin Wall, and the bombing of Israeli territory, to name a few. PASSPORT also includes excellent, insightful interviews with Pagetıs grandfather, a reactionary patriot whose conservative politics seem oddly misplaced in the midst of Pagetıs open-ended quest. After dodging bullets and securing finishing funds for his 10-year adrenaline rush, Paget finally soul searches for answers to questions about his motives as a filmmaker, creating an intelligent investigation that rises above cultural tourism and self-indulgent travelogue.
--Kathleen P. Skillicorn

In Attendance
director Reed Paget

Contact Reed Paget,
171 W. 73rd St #2,
New York, NY 10023 rpaget@hotmail.com 212.799.5350






The Bats
Jim Trainer
(1998, 16mm, 8 min)

Contact Jim Trainer,
186 Avenue B #4,
New York, NY 10009 212.995.5177