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30, Still Single:
Contemplating Suicide

Saturday Jan 8@7:45pm Lumiere (second showing Thursday Jan 13@7:35pm
at Fine Arts)

Gregory Lanesey
(1998, 16mm, 92 min)
sponsored by Live 105

Awarded Best Film at the Santa Monica Film Festival, 30, STILL SINGLE records the travails of Midwesterner Mitchell Munson (Christopher May), who has been searching for his “perfect woman” in the modern-day Sodom and Gomorrah known as Los Angeles. After seven years of dating hell, Mitchell plans his exodus from L.A. back to the promised land of the Midwest. Bags packed, Mitchell begins his trek home, stopping off at his favorite cafe on the beach for a final ceremonial omelette. Flashbacks to 7 years of dating misery ensue and are intercut with frank female commentary that offers the kind of narrative equanimity only provided by the other side of the story. The laconic conversation created by this montage offers a new perspective on masculinity, femininity, and the taboos and horrors of the dating scene.
—Kathleen P. Skillicorn

In Attendance director Gregory Lanesey and Producer Matt Rudecki

Contact Matt Rudecki,
Team LAN Productions,
8300 Manitoba St #211,
Los Angeles, CA 90293 glanesey@bouquet.com 310.573.7394 ext 116





Everybody Bowl
Dustin Woehrmann
(1998, 16mm, 3 min)

Contact Dustin Woehrmann, 11911 Mayfield Ave #5,
Los Angeles, CA 90049 dustin1@earthlink.net 310.207.6983