The 2nd annual
San Francisco Independent Film Festival

January 6-14, 2000
at the Victoria, Lumiere, Fine Arts



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Last year we discovered that even in this city of non-stop film festivals, there was still something missing. San Francisco lacked a festival that showcased the new wave of American feature length independent films.

So we created the San Francisco IndiFest to fill the void. And now we're back, bringing you another eclectic line-up of Amer-indie flicks made by talented new filmmakers. Some of these films are a little slick, others pleasingly rough around the edges, and some a little radical--pushing the envelope. But hey, that's what you get when you don't have a mammoth movie studio making decisions for the artist. You get to take chances, maybe try something new. That's what we're bringing to you at the SF IndieFest--risky, challenging movies from the underground.

Oh, and we've decided that the old school notion of the cartoon before the movie was a pretty good idea; so we've thrown in a new animated short to precede each film in the festival.

So, if you didn't catch us last year, don't miss us in January 2000. Step away from the numbing glare of the television, put aside your normal routine, and venture out into the unknown.

Come check out the brave new world of American alternative cinema. We promise a ride that is entertaining, illuminating, innovative, subversive, refreshing, insightful, hilarious, disturbing, provocative, crazy.

In other words: indie.


Photo credits: (above right) IndieFest trailer
(above left) Billy's Balloon