Robert Young
1971, United Kingdom, 87 minutes

Friday, 3.19, 6:30pm

"Horror film cultists have a lot of respect for this little-known Hammer production, which came during the company's late, weird phase when their tried-and-true formulas were breaking down and anything went." - Chicago Reader

We're proud to kick off the Another Hole in the Head Festival with a very rare screening of a nearly forgotten classic. Ladies and gentlemen, never mind the Cirque de Soleil, step right up and get your ticket to the violent, imaginative and darkly sexual Vampire Circus.

In the 19th Century, the townspeople of Schettel are forced to endure the depravity of the undead Count Mitterhouse, who delights in murdering the town's children and seducing the peasant's wives. The terrified people rise up and storm the castle to destroy the vampire - but before he dies he swears vengeance and places a curse on the town and its children. And that happens before the opening credits even roll.

Fifteen years later, the villagers have other problems to deal with - bats have brought plague to the town. A government blockade circles Schettel, and no one is allowed entry. Anyone who tries to escape will be killed by the armed guards.

Somehow the Circus of Night breaks through the quarantine, and the mysterious gypsy woman who arrives with them assures the villagers that the circus will bring relief to their embattled lives. but can the circus sawdust soak up the torrents of blood?

- Bruce Fletcher