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Sometimes the scariest things come in small packages. These little gems are just long enough to burrow under your skin and raise goosebumps. If it gets too scary, close your eyes tightly and pray for it to end. You're guaranteed to get your money's worth, so check out the future of horror.

The Visage
Kirk Henderson

2003, USA, 40 minutes

The family that slays together stays together. A young man must watch over the body of a dead spiritualist for three nights running, and he gradually pieces together a family history for the dead man that leads to madness and murder. Local filmmaker Henderson delivers an intense terrifying nightmare based on Nikolai Gogol's The Vij.

Old Breed
Ashley Fester

2002, Canada, 13 minutes

Deirdre sets out to find her family - but they don't want to be found. She persists, and everyone who embarked on the quest will pay the price. From the award-winning director of Celluloid Horror.

My Skin
Christopher Alan Broadstone

2003, USA, 13 minutes

Death flies in to collect the soul of a murdered young woman, but first takes revenge on her killer. After replacing all the incriminating evidence - the bullets, the smoking gun, even the murderer's fingerprints - Death takes a moment to place a very special phone call, and the supernatural vengeance begins.

The Silvergleam Whistle
Mike Williamson

2003, USA, 25 minutes

40 years ago, the Silvergleam Express steam engine train was struck by lightning, electrocuting everyone on board. Legend has it that the Silvergleam and its engineer still haunts the tracks gathering more passengers for its final run. Tonight, one family will find out if the story is true. Starring Patty (The Bad Seed) McCormack, with makeup effects by the KNB EFX Group, and a score by Richard Band (who composed the music for Re-Animator and From Beyond).

Black Gulch
Michael Strode

2003, USA, 15 minutes

Guns at the ready, they roll into town to rob the bank. It was supposed to be a simple job, but the bank is empty and the town seems deserted - except for one small boy. The criminals soon find themselves locked in a desperate struggle for survival.