Jeffery Lando
2003, Canada, 90 minutes
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Tuesday, 3.23, 11:00pm
Thursday, 3.25, 4:15pm

" Savage Island commands your attention with its surprisingly cruel turn of events, and it doesn't let up until the end credits roll. This is a truly brutal thriller, well-made and featuring a mighty fine cast, including Don S. Davis (Twin Peaks, Stargate SG-1)." 4 Stars - Film Threat

Fully acknowledging The Hills Have Eyes as their inspiration, Lando and writer Kevin Mosley crafted a nasty little horror flick that would be right at home on the 1970's grindhouse circuit. It would have made a great double bill with Last House on the Left, Maniac or I Spit on Your Grave.

Steven and Julia (with their screaming baby in the back seat) are having serious marital problems when they drive into the wilderness to visit her family. Waiting for a boat to take them across the choppy waters to their cabin on a remote island, the couple have their first encounter with the hillbilly neighbors: imagine the unwholesome result of Karl from Sling Blade marrying his sister. Uh-hum.

Things get ugly after the city slickers run over the local clan's youngest son in the middle of the night. Adding insult to injury, they don't even bother to stop to see what they hit, and the innocent little boy slowly dies alone in a ditch. When his kinfolk discover the body, they demand Julia's newborn as payment for the death of their own. The unbridled savagery begins in earnest.

- Bruce Fletcher