Jim Van Bebber
2003, USA, 95 minutes

Wednesday, 3.24, 11:00pm

Warning: This film is not suitable for the easily offended, the weak of stomach or impressionable drug-addled hippie maniacs.

You've been hearing about Charlie's Family for over a decade and now you can see it for yourself. The latest from controversial underground director Jim Van Bebber (Deadbeat at Dawn) is a disturbing take-no-prisoners shockumentary inspired by the plot of Cannibal Holocaust.

Another Hole in the Head will present the final version of the director's gritty, ultra-graphic and powerful enactment of the 1969 Sharon Tate/La Bianca murders that (quite rightly) upped the Hollywood paranoia level forever. Where were you in '69?

Two television executives receive a videotape that contains a recording of what really happened on that fateful August night in Roman Polanski's mansion in Los Angeles. Charles Manson's drug-crazed cult breaks in and begins the ruthless, horrifying slaughter of hippie innocence. But unknown to the duo, they are being monitored by the people who sent them the tape - who have a Mansonesque destiny planned for them as well.

This is a deliberate evocation of the 'hippie cult' Z-movie tackled by the likes of Al Adamson (Satan's Sadists) and tricked out with astounding massacre, orgy, rape and drug-taking footage. The Manson Family is a modern sex and violence masterpiece that is definitely not for the faint-hearted. Featuring a music score by Skinny Puppy's Dwayne R. Goettel and Cevin Key.

- loosely adapted from the London Frightfest program note by Alan Jones