Simon De Selva
2003, United Kingdom, 97 minutes

Sunday, 3.21, 8:45pm

Late at night seven animal rights activists break into a vivisection lab. They plan to free the experimental subjects, videotape the animals' horrific living conditions and broadcast their liberation on LD 50, the group's website. But the mission goes horribly awry when Gary, the group's leader, gets his leg caught in a mantrap. Believing that the group is more important than any one individual, his compatriots abandon him to his fate as the police arrive.

One year later, a mysterious coded message appears on the now defunct LD 50 site. The deciphered message is a plea for help from Gary, who has provided a map to a long unused secret vivisection lab. To alleviate their collective guilt, the group reforms for one last mission - to break into the secure research facility and rescue their friend and former leader.

After gaining access to the lab, they find themselves trapped deep underground being pursued a powerful, and seemingly unstoppable, murderous energy. The activists are now the lab rats - trapped in a maze and fighting for their lives against an enemy with unknowable powers and an appetite for brutal destruction.

This claustrophobic, big-budget horror-action movie features excellent special effects and a great cast, including Katherine Towne (Mulholland Drive, What Lies Beneath), Tom Hardy (Band of Brothers, Black Hawk Down), Leo Bill (28 Days Later, Gosford Park) and former Spice Girl Melanie Brown - Scary Spice indeed!

- Bruce Fletcher