Chris D.
2004, USA, 103 minutes
World Premiere
Delegates in attendance

Sunday, 3.21, 6:30pm
Thursday, 3.25, 2:00pm

Another Hole in the Head is pleased to present the World Premiere of I Pass for Human. Although inspired by classic 1970s Italian genre cinema and the recent wave of ghostly Asian films, Chris D.'s debut is very much a product of the American cultural underground.

In Los Angeles, a woman goes to visit her late boyfriend's drug counselor after his heroin overdose. Plagued by survivor guilt, she confesses that his hallucinations included visits by his dead friends. Like parasites, dead junkies are attaching themselves to their living counterparts to get high by proxy - and most of the junkies seem to enjoy the company. When she tries the drug herself, her burgeoning addiction draws her into a ghostly nightmare of her own creation.

Written and directed by Chris D.(of The Flesh Eaters) and produced by Lynne Margulies, director of the Andy Kaufman documentary I'm From Hollywood (and perhaps best known for being portrayed by Courtney Love in Man in the Moon), I Pass for Human is unique and unforgettable.

Featuring appearances by Mary Woronov, John Diehl and cameos by Elke and Jack Hill (Switchblade Sisters, Spider Baby). With special effects by Gabe Bartalos (Skinned Deep) and an outstanding music score composed by Tool's Danny Carey and E. Sheperd Stevenson. Additional music is by J.G. Thirwell of Foetus, with songs by Lydia Lunch and Rowland Howard, The Hangmen, The Birthday Party and The Flesh Eaters.

- Bruce Fletcher