Elza Kephart
2003, Canada, 80 minutes
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Monday, 3.22, 8:45pm
Wednesday, 3.24, 4:15pm

Kephart's Graveyard Alive: A Zombie Nurse in Love is a campy serio-comic hybrid of 1920's German Expressionism and 1960's B-horror movies filtered through a distinctly feminine sensibility.

Patsy Powers is a lonely, rather plain-looking, nurse who works with her former high-school sweetheart, the handsome Dr. Dox and his fiancee Goodie Tueschuze (who vows to remain a virgin until marriage).

One day a man with an axe sticking out of his head walks into the hospital and bites Patsy, changing her life (for the better?). The hospital janitor is a former Eastern European doctor, who owns a copy of Zombies: A Modern Menace. He recognizes the walking dead when he sees them, and kills the guy to halt the zombie contagion. But Patsy is now transformed into an undead sex-pot and amorously pursues Dr. Dox.

After getting her first taste of human flesh (and liking it) she starts dispatching the sick (and annoying) patients, and uses the hospital morgue as her personal butcher shop. Slicing the choice cuts, she takes them home to stock her refrigerator.

As the newly hot Patsy gains ground with the horny young doctor, he becomes increasingly annoyed at his fiancee's prudish sexual attitudes. So Goodie sets out to catch Patsy eating corpses and salvage her wedding.

Shot in dazzling 35mm black & white Techniscope; a cheap form of Cinemascope used in 1960's spaghetti westerns and horror films like Dario Argento's Cat 'O Nine Tails.

- Bruce Fletcher