Brian Avenet-Bradley
2003, USA, 86 minutes
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Saturday, 3.20, 4:15pm
Monday, 3.22, 11:00pm

" Ghost of the Needle is a classy indie horror flick, serious minded and never silly. There are no smart quips, horror film references or annoying scantily clad teensters. What we have here is a perfect example of an adult-oriented horror flick. Smart, well-acted, nicely produced and directed, and thoroughly entertaining." - Monsters at Play.

Jacob is a fine-art photographer who specializes in single-edition archival portraiture prints of young women - women he has lured to his basement studio and killed by lethal injection. He meets Aimee and invites her to his home, intending to make her the next victim. Before he can finish injecting her with the poison, she throws Jacob down a flight of stairs and knocks him unconscious.

When he awakes, Aimee has vanished, his agent is harassing him about his deadline, his father seems to know about his secret photo shoots, his latest client's wife is asking very strange questions, and a burly detective appears to be hot on his trail. Jacob's head trauma blurs reality and fantasy and sends him on a violent and disorienting descent into his own private hell.

Serial killers are the most over-used 'monsters' in horror, but Avenet-Bradley's second film is an outstanding example of how creativity and intelligence can revitalize a tired genre. His award-winning second film keeps the audience off-balance throughout, delivering shocks and scares in equal measure. The moral of the story - be careful who you kill.

- Bruce Fletcher