Stefan Avalos
2003, USA, 90 minutes
Delegates in attendance

Sunday, 3.21, 2:00pm
Tuesday, 3.23, 6:30pm

"A chilling gem which taps an almost-palpably suffocating sense of dread." - Stephen Bissette

The satirical new film from the director of The Last Broadcast - which was eerily similar (and vastly superior) to the following year's The Blair Witch Project - is a very creepy journey into madness hosted by the restless spirits of old Hollywood.

Kevin and Rachel move to Los Angeles determined to make it in the movies. They find the house of their dreams on a hill called Edendale, which was in the heart of Tinseltown in the first decades of the 20th century. Their land was owned by Tom Mix, the King of the silent Movie cowboys, and old western artifacts occasionally turn up in the garden.

The neighbors are all in 'the business', and seem to think that the new couple fit perfectly into the community. But something sinister invades their home, turns their lives inside out and feeds on their dreams. They soon learn that Edendale mirrors its contemporary counterpart: the drive to succeed will always exact a heavy toll. Some people are dying to make it in the movies.

Confession time: ghosts freak me out - you can't stop ghosts. With this in mind, The Ghosts of Edendale had all the hair on my arms standing on end (more than once). So if you think ghosts are scary, see this movie - or stay the hell away from it.

- Bruce Fletcher