Abel Ferrara
1979, USA, 94 minutes

Thursday, 3.25, 11:00pm

"Any fool can make a movie that's just frankly obscene, but it takes an edge of intelligence to make a film that crosses the line into the unspeakably abominable." - AboutCultFilm.com

We couldn't think of a more appropriate way to lower the curtain on a festival called Another Hole in the Head than an uncut screening of Abel Ferrara's Driller Killer.

The iconoclastic auteur directed three undisputed masterpieces of American independent cinema, Ms. 45, King of New York and Bad Lieutenant, as well as a host of fascinating near-misses like The Funeral and The Blackout. But for some reason Ferrara 's feature film debut (we're not counting his porn flick Nine Lives of a Wet Pussy) remains practically unknown.

Reno ( Ferrara calling himself Jimmy Laine) is a struggling (and rather disturbed) artist desperately trying to complete and sell a painting so he won't get evicted from his sleazy apartment. But the urban stress of late '70s New York, coupled with the crappy punk band endlessly rehearsing in the apartment downstairs drives him crazy - really crazy. Art can wait - he needs an extremely long extension cord.

His salvation is the 'Port-O-Pak', a cheap device that allows you to run an AC powered appliance anywhere. The blood runs in rivers, and the drill keeps tearing through flesh and bone in this murderous trash epic. "What have you got in your hand mister? A drill? Hey, what are you - a fix-it man?"

- Bruce Fletcher