Jon Cunningham
2002, USA, 111 minutes

Monday, 3.22, 4:15pm
Wednesday, 3.24, 8:45pm

"Demon Under Glass is an offbeat and intelligent horror film."
- Fangoria

A strange serial killer is loose in Los Angeles. Dubbed 'Vlad' by the local media, he hunts prostitutes, drains their blood and leaves no forensic evidence. The body count is rising and an elaborate trap is set for the killer. With a vice cop as bait, machine gun toting military personnel (with white crucifixes on their uniforms) subdue their violent prey by force. Locked in a metal coffin and transported to a secret facility, the hunter has been hunted.

Welcome to the Delphi Project, a secret government program dedicated to solving the mystery of life itself. The doctors and research scientists at Delphi are well trained in both high technology and the paranormal - necessary disciplines when you intend to study a captive thousand year-old vampire.

But it isn't easy to study an immortal predator who has also been studying and hunting humans for centuries. 'Vlad' is a patient, cunning, well-read and philosophical bloodsucker, but will he be able to withstand the rigors of modern medical science? Or will the project managers expose him to sunlight immediately after they unlock the secret of regeneration and isolate his blood-born virus?

Demon Under Glass is an ambitious, thought-provoking low-budget indie made by genre fans for genre fans. Cunningham delivers a refreshingly modern take on the ancient vampire mythos.

- Bruce Fletcher