Christopher Coppola
2004, USA, 102 minutes
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Saturday, 3.20, 8:45pm
Tuesday, 3.23, 2:00pm

"We decided to change the title to The Curse of Bloodhead. It makes it sound more like a Drive-In movie. This is less of a horror film or a slasher film and more of a campy trailer park anti-racist fable that happens to have a monster and some bloodshed in it." - Christopher Coppola

Quake with fear puny mortals and behold the Bloodhead! The latest from Christopher Coppola (nephew of Francis Ford and brother of Nicolas Cage) is an old-fashioned creature feature that puts the good parts of The Monster of Piedras Blancas, The Devil's Rain and Cocooninto a post-modern blender and delivers an unpretentious blood-soaked movie about a monster that eats heads.

Two racist brothers (one white and the other black) receive an invitation in the mail to visit the Sunny Side Up trailer park. The letters inform them that they have inherited their late mother's property. When they meet (for the first time), it's hate-at-first-sight. But they must put aside their differences and work together if they are going to investigate the ancient Cult of Bloodhead and survive.

The great cult cast includes Lynda (Wonder Woman) Carter, Bernie (The Love Boat) Kopell, Shirley (The Partridge Family) Jones and Frank (Batman) Gorshin. Coppola shot the movie with cutting-edge High Definition digital technology, so The Curse of Bloodhead is also a sneak peek at the future of independent filmmaking.

- Bruce Fletcher