Fujii Shugo
2000, Japan, 104 minutes
Japanese language with English subtitles
US Premiere

Friday, 3.19, 11:00pm
Monday, 3.22, 2:00pm

Welcome to the Opening Night late show. It's time to unleash the truly demented hard-core horror.

We are delighted to present the US Premiere of writer/director/star Fujii Shugo's notorious (in the video bootleg underground) debut feature A Living Hell. Please prepare yourself for an extreme viewing experience that encompasses vicious physical torment, mad scientists and a depraved family that would be right at home in the wastelands of Texas.

Poor Yasu is mentally ill, confined to a wheelchair and house-bound because of a strange stress disorder. He lives with his father, sister and brother until the arrival of a strange old woman and her mute granddaughter. Every day when the rest of the family goes to work, Yasu is left alone with them. This unholy duo proceed to subject him to unbelievable mental and physical abuse which rapidly escalates to full-on torture. But Yasu's family doesn't believe his horrific tales, and he is forced to endure the women's sadistic rituals. Just when Yasu's life is looking hopelessly bleak, things take a turn for the worse...

Oppressive, claustrophobic, paranoid, nightmarish, wildly imaginative, stylishly directed, well-acted, and deeply sick and twisted, A Living Hell takes you to the edge and throws you over. Some people consider this movie to be a blacker-than-pitch comedy - but you might not, so consider yourself warned.

- Bruce Fletcher